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"We are grateful for the blessing that Open Door Christian School has been and continues to be for our family. Open Door has provided peace and confidence in what would otherwise be a rather dark and bleak season of life.


A Biblical education presented by teachers and staff who are invested in the well-being of our son has proven to be an immeasurable gift; and we are confident that the financial contribution towards his education, character, and well-being will be returned two-fold."

- Kimberly Carter


Principal Welcome

If you have made your way to this point, then you place a top priority on your children's education and their faith in Jesus Christ. You clearly seek truth and truth is what we seek. At Open Door, we embrace the love of learning and the quest for knowledge. We believe that as the Creator, God is in everything. In fact, there is no knowledge without God.

By exhibiting a true passion for their subjects, our teachers will encourage every student to develop a love for learning and to achieve their maximum academic potential. At Open Door Christian School, students will be taught that doing their best in all their work is “as unto the Lord.” When this standard is applied, it translates into practical and consistent study and work habits. Open Door Christian School students will be directed toward the development of academic excellence, personal responsibility, self discipline, and basic Christian values that will foster good citizenship.

As you browse through our website, we hope that you will find our deep passion for children and the comprehensive Christian education that we offer. We hope that also see a community of like-minded families learning and growing together.

Brandi G. Menard

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