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We have kicked off our annual Feed the Need Fundraising!

Feeding the Need to Share the Gospel

Feed the Need is a unique experience, one that trains our students to be globally aware, mission-minded, and service-focused in the "I"-centric world. This campaign provides a rare opportunity to bring the experience of an overseas mission trip to our campus - an experience that allows our students to fulfill a physical need by packing meals while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. 

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Education with a Greater Purpose

Learn about the

Open Door Difference

We are a community of students, parents, staff, and trustees working together as partners to educate the whole child nurturing growth in knowledge, understanding, and wisdom  - a Christ-centered education.

Choose Excellence in Faith and Academics


"As a local public school teacher, I had never considered Open Door as  an option for my family. I loved working for the school system and always anticipated that my children would attend K-12 there. 

But God!!

Faith is so important to our family and the Lord (not so gently!) revealed to us the importance of making sure our children received an education that was rooted in faith, taught by believers, and presented through the lens of scripture- not the world. Open Door has delivered!

We have been AMAZED by the blessings we have received through ODCS! The smaller class sizes are extremely beneficial, the staff always seem so happy to be there, and the amount of scripture my children are memorizing is mind- blowing!


It brings such joy to my heart to hear them boldly reciting promises from the Lord and sharing Bible stories they’re learning at school! 


Moreover, my children are always excited to go to school

and never want to leave!

Praise God for the gift he has given my family and

our community through ODCS!"

-  Christy Hall, Parent

Why Open Door?

Small Classes

Dedicated Teachers

Students thrive in small classes with committed teachers to your child's growth and development.

Open Door


We consist of like-minded families that are dedicated to their child's success.



Biblical truth informs every policy, pedagogy, and principle at our school.

A Great


Our early childhood program sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of a love for learning.


A well-rounded education can only be accomplished by teaching students that God encompasses every aspect of life. This biblical worldview helps them see the world as God sees the world and enables them to reclaim the world for Christ.

Fine Arts

Studying the fine arts enriches the souls of our children and allows them to express their God-given abilities. All students explore theatre, music, and the fine arts as they were created and established by God - what is true, virtuous, and beautiful.


 Our motivation for excellence derives from the truth that Christ is the creator and sustainer of the universe - of all that can be known and learned while providing our student's a biblical worldview as they discern and defend their faith.


Competitive sports teams promote a healthy lifestyle, practice the traditional ideals of good sportsmanship and develop Kingdom principles, and to positively influence the culture of sports in our community.

Upcoming Events

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735 Oak Street

Graham, TX 76450  


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