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Strong moral character, devotion to God, a calling from God to love and teach young people, and a passion for life-long learning...that's the ODC Faculty!

Open Door Christian School’s requirements for faculty are in many ways more stringent than those required by other schools. All teachers and staff are required to be of impeccable character, role models in the community, and active members of a church with the ability to profess their Christian faith openly and in writing prior to being considered for a position at Open Door. All employees at ODC are expected to fully embrace and support the Statement of Belief. Applicants for classroom teacher positions must hold a Bachelor's degree. 

openings for 2024-2025

Elementary Classroom Teacher
Upper School Math

Open Door Christian School is an equal opportunity employer. All employment decisions will be made without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age disability or veteran status. However, within its legal capacity as a non-profit religious organization, ODCS reserves the right to carefully and fully explore the religious values, faith and convictions (including personal conduct) of applicants and employees in order to employ those individuals who support, advance and live in a manner consistent with the OSBC/ODCS doctrinal statement and Biblical position.

ODCS hires qualified individuals who are characterized by their passion for Jesus Christ, their knowledge, training, and credentials in their field of ministry and their deep understanding of what a Christ-centered education is all about.

We are seeking qualified applicants who have a clear salvation testimony, have a Biblical worldview and who are excited about teaching or working in an administrative capacity! Our mission is to teach the student to live biblically through education of mind, body, and spirit.

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