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We are growing!

ODCS will continue to add a grade level each year and will graduate our first high school class in 2027! Click below to view our  Course Catalog for grades 9-12. 


ODCS strives to teach our students with excellence and help each child reach his or her potential. Our curriculum values God being the ultimate creator of all things, including education and imagination. Our curriculum also values excellence. Open Door academics prepare students to be successful in all aspects of life.




ODCS offers a variety of enrichment classes to students in kindergarten through 9th grade. Our enrichments foster a h



The journalism class teaches students the various forms of journalism, application and analysis of media, as well as writing skills.  Students will learn to formulate their own questions, interview people, write stories, and take photographs for the monthly school newspaper.  Also, students design and create the yearbook.  At the end of this course students are efficient in using Canva, Treering, and word documents.

Click the image below for an enlarged version of our Curriculum Map.

Curr. Pub. Map.png
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