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Open Door Christian School (ODCS) was founded in 1986 by Linda Pippin. First Street Christian School was the original name. Mrs. Pippin never intended for the school to be more than a one room classroom; however, God had another plan. She started the school to meet a need of teaching her young daughter through a biblical perspective. When the school started at Oak Street Baptist Church, Jon Randles served as the pastor.


As the small school continued to grow, Linda formed a board to guide her spiritually and give insight in regards to operating a school. Every time they would pray, it seemed the words “open door” kept being uttered. In 1989 the school’s name changed to Open Door Christian School. The original leaders desired for the children to have open hearts and minds.


As the years passed, various parents approached Linda about teaching their children who were in different grades. In the early 1990’s, Linda Pippin hired an additional teacher in order to meet the growing demands of the school.


In August of 2000, Oak Street Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Joe Finfrock, formed a long-range planning committee. The committee presented the church with a 1 year plan, a 5 year plan and a 10 year plan. During the one year plan, Open Door Christian School became an official ministry of Oak Street Baptist Church due to the vision and God’s guidance of those on the long-range planning committee.


Over the years, ODCS continued to grow. The school now has multiple grade levels and teachers. Open Door did not grow from a one employee school to a many employee school without experiencing many obstacles and adversities that shut the doors of most Christian Schools. Yet, God’s favor is with the school and its doors remain open.

Linda Pippin, Founder of School
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