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Our math curriculum  has a unique theme for each level; exciting stories introduce each chapter; hands-on-activities; and student books are filled with colorful photographs and illustrations.

ODCS's math program focuses on:

1. Comprehension

2. Critical Thinking

3. Computation

4. Biblical Worldview

5. Love of Math



Under the Comprehension Approach, the teacher uses sequential approach, manipulatives, and connections & revie.


Critical Thinking

The next area of focus is Critical Thinking. BJU Press curriculum uses problem solving, analysis, and application to teach critical thinking.



Problem solving skills are of the utmost importance in math. However, computation skills are essential and that is why basic math facts and skills are taught and practiced.


Biblical Worldview

As in all our curriculum, our math curriculum integrates a biblical worldview. One element emphasized is God is a god of order. We see this in the creation of the world and how everything is held together.


Love of Math

ODCS desires to create life-long learners. This is why we love how BJU Press uses different elements to inspire a love for learning.




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