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What is Feed the Need?

This year our school will be hosting a very special service-based event called Feed the Need.


This is a school wide fundraiser that will help raise needed funds for ODCS, but that’s not all! In aim to live out the Great Commission and develop mission minded students, we plan to use part of the funds raised to send meals to Haiti, with the ultimate goal of sharing the gospel.


 The concept behind Feed The Need is essentially bringing an overseas “mission trip” experience onto a school campus.

Feed The Need has captured the hearts of participants, media and donors beyond any event.  In our Feed The Need event, the students will pack 10,000 meals in an indoor Packing Party for hungry children and orphans.  The scene is exciting and filled with energy, balloons, news crews and upbeat music. The 10,000 meals the children pack are distributed overseas directly to orphans and children facing extreme hunger into the third-world country of Haiti. 


The Champion Group provides all of the meal ingredients, packing equipment and event management.  The event is completely weather-proof and gives our students the opportunity to make a hands-on difference in the world while learning direct character lessons of selflessness, serving others, generosity and gratitude. 


As a corporate sponsor, you will not only be receiving tax-deductible marketing benefits, but you will most importantly provide our students with the opportunity to develop skills to be leaders for Christ within our community, our nation, and within our world. 


At Open Door Christian School, we believe a well-rounded education can only be accomplished by teaching students that God encompasses every aspect of life. This biblical worldview helps them see the world as God sees the world and enables them to reclaim the world for Christ. By integrating biblical faith and academic learning,  the school challenges students to permeate all areas of their lives with their faith in Christ. The goal of this integration is to develop the whole person - mind, body, and spirit. 


We are prayerful that you will be willing to partner with us as we lead this next generation to Christ while serving others. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding our Feed the Need Fundraiser or our mission at Open Door Christian School. 


In Him we serve,

Brandi G. Menard


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