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Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

As a Christian school, it is of utmost importance to Open Door for our students to see things as God views them. Our curriculum uses three levels of biblical integration.


In the first level, the Bible is referenced while the subject is being taught. This level is characterized by biblical analogies. The teacher explaining the life cycle of a butterfly may compare this metamorphosis to that of someone becoming a new creation in Christ.


This level also uses biblical examples. For example, when teaching about Rome a history teacher may reference the Bible’s record of that empire. An English teacher might teach tone through different passages of scripture.


In the second level, the teacher shows the student how the Bible should guide him as he applies the academic discipline to real-life situations. This level emphasizes serving through academic discipline. A science teacher may discuss how the scientific method could lead to the discovery for the cure of cancer and other life-taking diseases. Another emphasis of this level is to use the academic matter to declare God’s glory.


In the third level, the teacher focuses on rebuilding the academics for the glory of God. This involves shaping a biblical worldview. Everyone has a worldview, meaning everyone views the world a certain way. A worldview is based upon a set of assumptions and beliefs. In the third level the teacher calls into question secular assumptions and then encourages the students to rebuild the discipline from biblical presuppositions.


Science has numerous secular assumptions and beliefs. An example of secular assumptions and beliefs is astrology. Astrologists study the stars and heavenly bodies to receive information or guidance for the future. In the third level of biblical integration, the teacher would call into question the assumption and belief that the stars influence lives and determine destinies. A prudent teacher can show how the Bible mentions several constellations. Examples are Orion and Pleiades (Job 9:9 and 38:31) and the crooked serpent Draco (Job 26:13). However, these people didn’t worship the stars. They acknowledged the one who made the stars. The teacher can then speak about how ever since sin entered the world, humanity often chooses to worship God’s creation instead of the Creator. It is best to look for guidance from the One who placed the stars in the sky.


Using the three tier system to teach the Bible will not only help the children in school, but also in their future. They will leave with the understanding and knowledge of how the Bible is used in everyday living.

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